Clan founded:



I don't know the time exactly when I started to play with Age of Kings, The Conquerors, but I remember well that I hated it. Before this game, I usually played with Age of Empires and Rise of Rome. I very liked it and I became a fan of this strategy game soon. In the first time I always played against the computer and sometimes my colleauges. It would be around early 2001, when one of my colleauge (then later he became one of my best friend, but not exactly for this 11) gave me a copy of AoK, TC CD. I installed it immediately and I was so excited to try the game. I was surprised, because I didn't like the game. Maybe because of the 14" monitor and the 800*600 resolution, the icons were huge on the screen and I didn't want to play with it, but I was forced to play a game with each other. Of course in my first game I lost. It was a shame I didn't know that how to pack the trebushet after unpack.

Playing regularly

Something could happened and I started to play increasingly, but almost with the computer. I was eager to know how can I play with other people in multiplaying mode so I started to advertise the game and tell it to everybody whom I knew and liked. They were my cousine, my friend and made it complete with my colleauge we played some funny games.

Organizing ourself into a clan

The time went and we played more and more and became a good society. That was only question of time when the society gets a name. After a long friendly correspondence, on the fifth of July, 2001 the KinXett clan was founded. The name came from a special habit and it would be too long to explain it :).
The founders were dolcezig, mole, snatch and worldklassz. Mole became the leader.
We made a decision from the member's colours too. Mole got the blue, worldklassz the red, dolcezig the green and me the yellow.

Playing as a clan member

We specified that all the member have to wear the [KX] tag in his name and play as a KinXett member against unknown players. We created a new, own property IRC channel, #kinxett, where we always have been resided. Besides we started to go to the Hungarian AoK/TC IRC channel too, but in the our played games were limited, because our skill were too weak compared with other human players.
In a short time a new member joined us. He was so young and energetic, we thought that He would be an ideal member of our clan. Spawn became a KX later this year and we played together some funny games and our first 1v1 game was mostly a draw, but fortunately I was a little stronger :). Spawn got the cyan colour.
Next year a newer player joined us, who was not a high rated gamer, but I knew him for a long time. His style, his behavior was enough to convince us of letting him to join. Kari got the purple and He played a lot with dolcezig in their local home in Fonyˇd.
I registered in, but as I remember I have never played a game, instead I played against mole, wordklassz, spawn and dolcezig. I was better, than the others, but somethimes I lost against spawn. There are some interesting record games about it :).
Once I had made a bet with mole that I am able to get 10 wins from 10 games against him and I won :).
Over the months I tried to get to know more and more human players and for example I played against Zsebkend§. I spent a little time on the channel and played some team game too. There was a 2v2 tournament too, where mole and me represented the KX clan, but we were unsuccessful.

LAN games

After a short time we recognized that how good is to play against each other and we arranged our first LAN at mole's lodgings. That was followed by many others mostly in Fonyˇd and we played a huge amount of funny games.

A little break

Unfortunately because of my other activities I played less over some years, but from time to time I played some games. In this time I played with MoHAA above all and spent a lots of time to kill others on the Internet :).

Return to play AoK/TC

Around in 2005 I started my second serious period playing with the game. Fortunately I was not the one who thought the same in the Clan and we played again very often. In this time there were no powerful activity in the channel, most of the clans came to an end.
In 2006 we decided to announce a 1on1 local championship and mostly all the game were played, but some of them were not, because of the competitor's inactivity. For the first place there were the candidates and in the end I won. I played all of my games, unfortunately it is not true to the other clan members. Kari came in to the second place and mole were on the third.
Early 2007 we announced the second home championchip which took around 3 months. It was tighter then the last competition, but I had just one defeat and I finished in front of Kari, who had two defeat. Of course, those defeats were from one another.
In this time some of us registered on the and played a lots of game. Paralell to this site a new one started to revive and more and more gamers left gamepark for I registered myself on igzones too and around 07/2007 I started to play regularly. Besides WoRa clan advertised people for a 1on1 championship for Hungarian players and kari, mole and me entered for it. There were groups and kari and me qualified ourself to the last 16 players and the knock-out stage. Then kari dropped out of the race, but I succeed in getting into the next round, where I lost against Latko.
Since then I keep on playing the game and if I have a little time then I am on igzones and I have more then 300 played games there.
Nowadays in the clan we play just some 2on2 war and those are really just for fun:).